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By Pr. Andy Yeoh (13/12/2008)
HOMEs are heterogeneous small groups in Acts Church that are designed specifically for the expression of church life in a more personal yet fun setting.  It is our desire that every Teen in Acts gets connected to a HOME as there is great potential in growing deeper in God, building strong friendships, and ample opportunities to get involved in exciting & meaningful activities!

HOMEs are available throughout the Klang Valley such as Puchong, Subang Jaya, Shah Alam, Petaling Jaya (and more!) and you may join any of the HOMEs based locations that are nearest to you for your own convenience. We try our best to make our HOMEs more accessible to you!

Current HOME Listing

TN1 (Subang) - Teens
Home Leader(s): Dr. Jill Ho
Asst. Home Leader(s): Joannah Andrew
Jo Ben
Home Coordinator(s): Jared Ho
Asst. Home Coordinator(s): Joanne Poon
Volunteer(s): Edwin Ang
TN2 (Puchong) - Teens
Home Leader(s): Philip Gan
Asst. Home Leader(s): Salby Ng
Home Coordinator(s): Brian Ong
Asst. Home Coordinator(s): -
Volunteer(s): -
TN3 (USJ) - Teens
Home Leader(s): Darren Soh
Asst. Home Leader(s): Mun Teng
Home Coordinator(s): Amanda Ooi
Asst. Home Coordinator(s): Lilian Tham
  Eugene Choong
Volunteer(s): Ben Choong
Ben Koo
TN4 (PJ) - Teens
Home Leader(s): Jay Yeoh
Asst. Home Leader(s): Chern Liang
Home Coordinator(s): -
Asst. Home Coordinator(s): -
Volunteer(s): Ken-ji
TN5 (Kota Kemuning) - Teens
Home Leader(s): Wee Liem
Asst. Home Leader(s): Amanda Tan
Vanessa Lim
Home Coordinator(s): Arthur Keng
Asst. Home Coordinator(s): -
Volunteer(s): -
TN6 (Subang) - Teens
Home Leader(s): Joshua Chu
Asst. Home Leader(s): Michelle Seliong
Joneil Joseph
Home Coordinator(s): -
Asst. Home Coordinator(s): -
Volunteer(s): -
TN7 (USJ) - Teens
Home Leader(s): Eunice Lim
Asst. Home Leader(s): Shaun Kang
Home Coordinator(s): Cheryl Soh
Asst. Home Coordinator(s): Charlotte Ooi
Brenda Ian
Volunteer(s): Matthew Lai
TN8 (USJ) - Teens
Home Leader(s): Joy Lee
Asst. Home Leader(s): Abel Keng
Home Coordinator(s):  
Asst. Home Coordinator(s): Naomi Seah
Volunteer(s): Sandra Tan
TN9 (USJ) - Teens
Home Leader(s): Joel Wong
Asst. Home Leader(s): Jacob Paul
Home Coordinator(s): -
Asst. Home Coordinator(s): Shermaine Sham
Volunteer(s): -

ACTS Teens HOME Parties
Acts Teens HOMEs meet in a Party-like atmosphere/event that we term as “Acts Teens HOME PARTIES” We meet at various locations across the Klang Valley, and sometimes more than 1 Acts Teens HOME combined to hold an Acts Teens HOME Party!

When you come to an Acts Teens HOME Party, expect a place bursting with life with yummy food, wacky games & contests, crazy friends, heartfelt singing, earnest prayers, relevant messages, real-life stories, and just lotsa fun!

Generally, Acts Teens Home PartiesTM meet every 2nd & 4th Fridays, but do check out calendar regularly to stay posted!

1. SUBANG (A): TN1
 Venue(s): Various houses in USJ2, SS15, & Nearby Locations

2. SUBANG (B): TN6
 Venue(s): Various houses in SS15, SS16, & Nearby Locations

3. USJ (A): TN3
Venue(s): Various houses in USJ16, USJ17, & Nearby Locations

4. USJ (B): TN7
Venue(s): Various houses in USJ17, USJ18, & Nearby Locations

5. PJ: TN4
Venue(s): Various houses in Taman Megah, Damansara, Bangsar, & Nearby Locations

Venue(s): Various houses in Puchong, Putra Heights, & Nearby Locations

Venue(s): Various houses in Kota Kemuning, & Nearby Locations

a.            Refer to above HOME Listing for Names of Leaders
b.            Venues may vary from time to time – because we like to keep it fresh! Do check back website regularly for updates
c.            Please call us at 03-5636 2147 or email should you need further info